Arowana Dive Grill Bar

ArowanaBar-RGB-transparent11052485_10204379919405543_4276614767772144735_oThere is nothing nicer than sitting with friends in a relaxed bar with friendly, professional service. In our restaurant, guests most appreciate the professional service and personalized staff approach.

The perfection of the evening is further emphasized by a tasty dinner, grilled specialties or themed tastings. Our guests regularly have the opportunity to try baked crabs, prawns, lobsters, steaks, chops, squid and other delicacies right in our restaurant. Our priority is to provide a high-quality culinary experience thanks to the freshness of all the ingredients. We believe there is nothing quite like the experience of dining in the evening on fare which was swimming that morning in the sea!

Drinks will be prepared by leading Czech bartender, Jan Urban.

Arowana signatures

Garden of Eden11208662_10153017334623645_4821920603985974161_n

This cocktail skillfully blends tequila, homemade hibiscus syrup, passion fruit liqueur and lime. At the bottom, you will find a homemade dragon fruit and hibiscus sorbet. This cocktail represents the clean and beautiful nature of Thailand.

Pat pong lady11008472_10153017334603645_8900000350894524016_n

Cocktail based on chili-infused vodka blended with watermelon and fresh-squeezed sugar cane juice. Garnished with watermelon flambé dressed in caramel and chilli shavings. This drink honors the local ladies and massage parlors.

Lost & found

Cocktail of vanilla-infused rum, coconut milk and mango puree. This cocktail tells my story from the Vienna airport, where I was so drunk that I lost my passport, tickets, any illusions I might have had and ultimately, myself. The plane was held for 15 minutes before my belongings and I were finally found. Thanks to Honza Hrbek for not leaving me there!


Hongy Tongy Boy

Strong, old-fashioned cocktail based on the local classic, Hong Tong, combined with the juice of fresh sugar cane and homemade almond liqueur. Service in a glass skull backlit by a special mat underscores the drama of this cocktail. Whoever knows the Hong Tong knows that just one of these cocktails can take care of a very interesting evening…


Bartending courses

7This season we bring you great news!! For our resort, we managed to get top Czech bartender, Honza Urban!! This means you’ll not only get to taste his superb drinks and witness his bar flair skills, but his two-day course will also teach you to mix fantastic drinks at home! Gain a sneak-peek into the secrets of the bartender’s craft and see what it takes to mix a good cocktail. After this course, you will be the star of every party you hold. Course completion comes with official certification from the Czech Bartenders Association and an evening flair bartending show. With Honza’s assistance, you’ll be able to amaze your friends at our bar.

Course price: 4 000 THB

Thai cooking class

After huge demand we now offer the possibility to take away not only breathtaking experiences, but also the experience of preparing Thai dishes with a non-consumerist approach to food and healthy eating. Thai cuisine is not only healthy, but also has a very beneficial effect on our over-chemical stomachs and greatly helps us to shed some weight. All of this without restrictions or hunger! To the contrary, treat yourself to an explosion of flavors and aromas. Enjoy memories of Thailand every time you invite friends to your home for Pad Thai, chicken with cashew nuts, basil leaves or, our chef’s specialty, shrimp with seafood sauce.

Course price: 4 500 THB