Diving locations

Sites are accessible by our speedboat

Diving in Koh Lanta offers some of the best dive sites in Thailand. Beautiful coral reefs and rich marine life make Koh Lanta a favorite spot for divers from around the world. This combination with the beauty of the island itself, full of peace and tranquility and generous Thai hospitality, ensures that you will keep coming back to the island year after year.

1495969_909757709045279_6769983046593859151_oKoh Bida : 10 – 22 m

The Bida archipelago is ideal for a first dive. It is suitable for novices but also for divers who haven’t been diving for a longer time. There are minimal currents and excellent visibility. Both Bida islands always surprise with the number and diversity of corals and coral fish. Rich, undersea gardens with innumerable hard and soft corals provide a home not only to fish, but shrimp, Moray eels and octopuses. We may also meet leopard and reef sharks here. We also regularly see turtles, seahorses and puffer fish.

Phi Phi : 10-24 m

10854927_909757255711991_4952924876918157644_oOne of the most visited islands in southeastern Thailand, Phi Phi offers all divers and snorkelists the unique experience of the beautifully lit coral carpet and walls. The island is unique in its position against the morning sun and therefore morning dives
offer a unique experience as it plays with the underwater colors. In addition, we regularly meet shy leopard sharks here and blacktip reef sharks. If the situation allows, you may visit the famous beach of Maya Bay between dives, or take a short break and trip into town on Phi Phi.

Koh Rok : 7 – 18 m

11045307_909755759045474_1089241883934193728_oNicknamed “Thai Maldives,” Koh Rok is a mecca for divers headed to the Andaman Sea. Not diving on Koh Rok is like being at Disneyland and not seeing Mickey Mouse! From the moment you jump into the water, allow yourself to drift around the island of monitor lizards on a gentle current and enjoy the unique spectacle that nature has prepared for you. Between dives, we will land on the snow-white beach and have lunch in a national park. Monitor lizards (or “dragons”), whom we regularly meet, are always a welcome distraction. Koh Rok is ideal for diving with the whole family. There is excellent snorkelling and many ladies have appreciated the wonderful, deserted beaches… 😉


Archipelago Ko Ha consists of five islands which offer mysterious caves and canals, but also a beautiful beach surrounded by jagged rocks on both sides. This site is therefore very suitable for snorkelling. Marine life is represented by scorpion fish, lionfish, bat fish, and we can closely examine the unique marine snails. Also noteworthy is the view of the spectacular rock cathedral, rising up to thirty meters above sea level. Within the cave’s recesses, a plethora of barracuda, horse mackerel, tuna, sea bream, angelfish and butterfly fish and even leopard sharks seek refuge. Several times, we’ve had the opportunity for a unique encounter with a majestic, 12-meter whale shark. Such an encounter is an experience of a lifetime and countless divers are still waiting to call themselves among the lucky few…

1900772_909756225712094_7140215801461547093_oAnemone Reef : 5 – 25 m

Thanks to the unique combination of shallower depth, high light transmission and a nutrient-rich current, Anemone Reef is an absolutely unique location for scuba diving. Square kilometers covered with thousands of species of anemones, inhabited by symbiotic fish and wildlife will take your breath away! Once you remember to breathe, however, you will enjoy an unforgettable trip to a peaceful underwater world and you will be able to witness the symbiotic relationships between different underwater creatures.

King Cruiser Wreck : 14-32 m

The ferry, which sank in 1997, has become home to the widest variety of fish that these waters can offer, including bat fish, leopard sharks, lion fish and Moray eels. This ship and soft corals creat a perfect location to teach AOWD or shipwreck diving.

???????????????????????????????Hin Daeng / Hin Muang : 12 – 70+ m

Due to the frequent visits of mantas and whale sharks, this location is particularly suitable for divers loving everything massive and adventurers looking for adrenaline. Hin Daeng is considered the deepest and most difficult location. The reef, which is completely untouched due to its distance from the mainland, is unique in its beauty. We have an opportunity here to observe formations of bat fish frolicking among the unique formations of coral sculpture. In addition to the royal mantas, whale sharks and reef sharks are the fearless barracuda, which seem to come just within arm’s reach…