Lonley woman walking on the beach over sunset

3Our resort is located on Klong Dao Beach on the island of Koh Lanta, whose three shores are washed by the Andaman Sea. The greatest charm of the island of Koh Lanta is its location. It lies in the touristically attractive south of Thailand, but at the same time is only lightly touched by the massive tourism. There is a perfectly built infrastructure on the island – hospitals, shops, nurseries, restaurants, gyms etc. – but a mass influx of tourists is kept in check by the very fact that it is an island, and therefore Koh Lanta can retain its original Thai character and spirit. Found on the island are several national reserves and natural attractions that are definitely worth visiting.

Arowana resort has its own magical atmosphere which arises from the combination of Thai exoticism, European standards, and a family-style approach. The accommodations rest in harmony with tropical vegetation, which highlights the delicate balance with nature. In our Dive & Grill Bar  we serve refined Thai cuisine, as well as the comforts of European classics. Our specialties, however, are phenomenal steaks and evening bartending shows.

5You can decide to spend the night in our Dive & Grill Baru, articipate in a thematic evening or simply rent a scooter from us and find your own path to the island’s nightlife. The center of the capital city of the island is just 10 minutes away, and there are numerous beach bars, restaurants and music clubs around the resort.

Arowana resort

– 7 “concrete” bungalows
– 8 “wood” bungalows
– 2 “bamboo” bangalows


How to get here?

he easiest connection from the Czech Republic is obviously to fly with the airline of your choice. You can either fly to Bangkok and then to Krabi, or directly to Phuket. From Krabi airport we can arrange a van pick-up with ferry transfer to bring you directly to the resort. From Phuket you can arrange travel from the airport to the port, and then by ferry across the island of Phi Phi, then onward to Lanta. We can arrange a van pick-up to bring you directly to the resort once you reach Lanta.

Is there anything to worry about?

Thailand is the land of smiles, freedom and well-being. Everything here revolves around religion and local culture. The Buddhist faith prohibits any direct violence, theft and damage to other persons. There is no need to worry about security. Nevertheless, we recommend the basic rules of safe behavior. The freedom that you can feel is wonderfully addictive…
Regarding nature, it is necessary to realize that you are traveling to the tropics, which has its typical flora and fauna. Here, we unequivocally recommend you heed the recommendations of our guides. Animals should only be watched from a safe distance or be touched only when instructed by our guides’ prompts. Likewise, we recommend you periodically protect yourself during the day with high SPF sunblock, in the evening with insect repellent, and always remember to stay hydrated!
Following these principles will ensure a safe, undisturbed and memorable holiday.

Thailand and children

Judging by the experiences of many families with children (which stay with us regularly each year!), we can calmly, surely and highly recommend this! Children tolerate the journey to us much better than adults, and very quickly become accustomed to the local climate. Likewise, our kitchen offers several children’s and European dishes if your kids have a more selective palate.